Playlist with '..' fail

I’m using my Sansa Clip in MSC mode under Linux (Thank you for the OGG Verbis support BTW that is the reason I bought one)

I have been trying to keep things nice and tidy, so I put my playlists in PLAYLISTS/ on the Clip. This means all paths in the playlist start with …\MUSIC\ or similar. All these playlist appear empty on the clip it self.

If I put the playlist in the root of the clip’s fs, without …, so paths in the list are MUSIC.… it works fine. These lists are not empty in the clips UI.

Please can you allow this sort of simple path traversal.

FYI, I created my list using Amarok, and then used sed to switch ‘/’ to '', followed by a call to unix2dos to change the line termination.

Would be nice if the clip supported ‘/’ path seperators, and unix line endings. 

Yup, that’s a known issue, I don’t know of any way to achieve up-tree traversal on the Clip. My workaround is to keep my playlists in a folder nearer to root than the content, so all path references are drilling down (well, UP if roots are down) :wink: