Playlist shows "empty"

Hi All

Sansa Clip+ 8GB mode set at MTP

WMP 12

Windows 7 Pro 32bit Desktop PC

Got my new Clip+ and it’s perfect for what I need/want. However, there seems to be an issue with Playlists on it. I’ve searched the forum and found many instances where a Playlist shows as empty, but no real solution for the problem. Not even sure what exactly the problem might be.

I’ve got MP3s sitting in My Music library on the PC. I use WMP12 to create playlists for the Clip+, then once the Clip+ is plugged into the USB port of the PC I drag the playlist to the playing pane in WMP then sync to the Clip+.  WMP12 is the only music/audio software on this computer.

The Playlists always show up on the Clip+ in the Playlist folder, but sometimes when I access one, it shows ‘empty’ and goes to the ‘go list’. The MP3 files can be accessed through Albums so they are on the Clip. Even after deleting the playlist, via WMP, on the Clip, and syncing it again, still empty Playlist. Problem with an MP3 file perhaps??

Also, there are some Playlists that used to be accessed fine through Playlist, but now show ‘empty’.:dizzy_face: (even though the MP3s can still be accessed through Album). This is without doing anything to these Playlists other than playing them.

I’ve checked the genre and they are all the same…not podcasts as mentioned in other posts.

Not a major problem, since I can still find the music, but why is this happening? Any ideas or other suggestions?