Playlist help (Playlist not playing the right song when I push the next song button)

I use winamp to create my playlists. I have two specific playlist that I made. Let’s call them “playlist1” and “playlist2.” The problem I’m having is when I play the songs on playlist2 the first song I choose is the correct song being played, but when I hit the button for the next song on the playlist, the song being played is not the correct one. For some reason it always plays the song from playlist1 instead.

On the other hand, when I play the songs from playlist1 everything plays properly. The problem only occurs with playlist2. If someone here can help me I would really appreciate your efforts. 

After playing around with my clip for a bit and it seems that whatever playlist is listed first will always play the songs properly, but the playlist listed second in order will have the problem that I mentioned.

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Did you update the firmware?