Help playing my playlist!!! By the way love my clip other than this glich!

I have playlists on my clip with songs in them, but it will not play them one right after the other in the playlist.  It jumps back to the first playlist i have and plays all the songs from that one.  Very wierd!!!  Please Help

Also I am using Bearshare to upload my music, not sure if that makes a difference in creating playlists.

Thank you

I’ve never heard of this behavior.  First, make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the Clip.

If that doesn’t fix it, we’ll need a little more info to help:

  1. What USB mode are you using, MSC or MTP?
  2. If you are using MTP, what version of Windows Media Player is installed?
  3. What kind of playlists, pla or m3u?
  4. What did you use to create the playlists?
  5. Please describe step by step the exact sequence you go through on the Clip when you have the problem (buttons, menu items, etc.)

Sound an awful lot like this problem.