Playlist empty sandisk clipjam

I have been having a problem with trying to create a playlist with just this one song, i have redownloaded the song over and over again.  even tried moving the song over from a different device, the song when put into a playlist does not show in the clipjam and won’t let me listen to it because it sees it as not being there.

Every other song i put into a playlist works perfectly fine whether it is alone in the playlist or not, but this one song does not show up no matter what in a playlist, i normally go into windows media player put the songs in there and it creates a playlist i can move, that has worked with literally e very other song but this one. 

I put the playlist in the music folder and i have also tried putting it in the playlist folder on the clipjam as well, still doesn’t work.

So how can i get this song to be put into a playlist and actually read that it is there?

Anyone? help?