Anybody know how to make the Clip Jam play ALL songs on a playlist?

My SanDisk Clip Jam will only play songs from one album on my playlist.  I can’t get it to play various songs from ALL of the albums on the Playlist.   I have created several different playlists, no problem, but trying to get the Clip Jam to play ALL songs from a particular playlist is a big problem, it only will play songs from one album there.  Anybody know how to make the Clip Jam play ALL songs on a playlist?

Maybe describe what method you are using to create your playlists. PC or Mac? What software? Where are the audio files stored when you are creating the playlist?

  We should be able to resolve this problem within 1-2 messages.

I just bought a SanDisk “Clip Jam”  (used to have a Sony Mp3 player with no problem).  OK, here’s what I did:

I downloaded music into several “Folders” on the clip jam using my PC (not an Apple).    Basically on my computer these music sets were called “Playlists” but clip jam seemed to want them called folders.   OK, so now I play “Christmas” folder music and it plays in a shuffle mode BUT it also played music from other folders, normal all year round type songs, but they were in the shuffle mode.   So I just kept hitting next on the “Jam” whenever a song from another folder started playing. 

I thought there must be a way to have it play only music I want.   THen I saw you could create “Playlists” on the “Clipjam” also.   So I then moved all the music out the “Christmas” folder into the newly created “Christmas” playlist on the CLip jam.   I should say that I downloaded all my separte playlists from my computer onto a 64 GB SD card which I then inserted into the Clip Jam.    From the SD card where the music is sourced in my CLip Jam not the actual memory bank of the clip jam itself, the SD card.

ANYWAY, once I transferred all the music into the new “Christmas Playlist” on the Clip Jam SD Card.  THe next step was to start playing it.  I had chosen “Shuffle Mode” for playing then you have to choose what you want to play from I chose Christmas Playlist on the Clip Jam then it brings automatically to the listing of “Artists” you’re then forced to choose an artist from the Christmas playlist and now the clip jam will only play music from the album that that artist is on.  

It will not play music in a shuffle mode from ALL of the music in the Christmas Playlist just one Artist’s music till you then have to go back in and are force to choose antoher artis and once again only plays music from that artist instead of ALL artists.    There is no “PLAY ALL” choice the only choice offered to you is to choose an artist when you want to start listening to music…

At least when I had my selected Christmas music in a Clip Jam  “Folder” it did play back in shuffle BUT it also played music from other folders which I didn’t want it to do.

So, that’s my problem.   The simplest thing, you’d thnk, for the CLip jam to do.

Should I just put my CHristmas music back again into a “Christmas Folder” and suffer with it playing music from other folders but at least it played in shuffle mode there.

I kinda understand what you are describing, but I am not really sure…

Using the Clip Jam, you can access the music you save on your micro SD card to the main Music Folder (and your sub-folders) using the Card (SD) Menu    When you access the Card Menu, Playlists is the 5th item in the command listing. The Playlist command is looking for any “.m3u” Playlists that you have saved somewhere within the main Music Folder (and your Music sub-folders). A “.m3u” Playlist is a simple text listing of the folder locations and filenames of your Music files on your SD Card.

   (Playlists ignore the ID3 data in your music files; Album, Artist, Song Title, Track #, etc). 

From your description, it seems to me you are accessing the Artists, Album and Songs commands and reading the ID3 Tag data in your music files. These commands ignore the sub-folder groupings you may have created in your Music Folder. These commands do not use the Playlist feature of the Clip Jam. 

So, are you creating “.m3u” text files for your specific grouping of music files within your Music Folder?

I like to use the free software “mp3tag”. I also like to use a batch command method. Other users like to use Window Media Player and maybe the VLC media player. (and many more…)

      All of these methods have extensive discussions spread out all over this Forum. Try a few searches on here and write back for more assistance.

How I created the playlists/folders for the SD card was

I inserted the SD card in the computer 

then went to my Media Player then to the particular Playlist on the media player I wanted to put on the SD card,

then I highlighted all songs in that playlist and copied them over to the “Sync” file which is to the right of the playlist songs in Media Player. 

Then I hit “Sync” which then transferred all music in the “Sync” file on Media Player over to the SD Card. 

Once on the SD Card I created a “Christmas Folder” on the Clip Jam then I moved all Chirstmas songs which I had just copied on the SD card over to the “Christmas Folder” on the SD Card.  

That’s how I created the “Folders” on the SD card, copying the music from my Media Player playlists over to the Sync file on Media Player then hit “Sync” button and it then transferred to the SD card general file then I created a folder in the SD card then moved all music over to that folder.

As for what kind of format, all songs are in either Mp3 or WMA format in my Media Player playlists.   So that’s the format that was copied over to the SD card, Mp3 or WMA.   Does this info. help you to understand what I did?

Other than my Mp3 and WMA’s I don’t know what a “.m3u” file or playlist is.  Never heard of it.   Is that the same thing as my Mp3s?

I am sorry that have the same problems as you describe trying to use Windows Media Player to create m3u playlists on my Clip Jam. Over the past two years I have been using the Batch File Command Method to create m3u Playlists.

Maybe take a look at this message on this Forum.