player turns off

I have a problem with my sansa clip and I would be glad if somebody can help me out. The problem is that since yesterday the player turns off for no reason (battery is full, I am not pressing th ‘off’ button). Right after that happpens I can turn it on again but sometimes not and then nothing happens. I cannot even finish one song anymore. I hope  somebody can tell me how to solve this problem. I’ll be glad to give more information if needed.

Thanks in advance,


Probably a bad internal connections. If it’s under warranty contact Sansa, else there have been suggestions on opening the unit. I’m sure someone will tell you do the software things like reset, format and reload firmware. By all means do all of this and if it works I’d love to be wrong, but my guess is a bad connection.

If you get it fixed by doing the easy stuff, let us know for future reference. 

You could try, if not recently done:  a system re-set–Clip off, hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds; a reapplication of the firmware (it could have become corrupted over time)–see the sticky thread on firmware upgrade at the top of the forum; and/or a reformat, from the Clip’s settings (note:  this will erase your content on the Clip).