Play order issue

Hey there,

I have an issue where my 4GB clip will keep returning to the very first song on the device, after it finishes playing the first song of my choice.

It happens when I select a playlist.  After playing the first song on my list, the device always seems to revert to the the beginning song (from another artist), as opposed to continuing onto the next song on the playlist.  I don’t want to hear these songs every time!  :cry:

I have my files separated into subfolders of the “music” subdirectory, named by artist.  Some of these subdirectories have songs right in them, and some have more subdirectories for albums.  The device seems to not have a problem locating the files, regardless of whether additional subdirectories are used, or not.

Different behaviour if I select a song from under Music=>Songs.    If I scroll down the list and select a song, it will play that song, then it will play a song that follows it alphabetically.  Even if the songs are in different folders.

Settings which may be of interest:

Version:  V01.01.32A

Music Options

Shuffle:  Off

Repeat:  Off


Anyways, what am I missing here?  Do I need to reformat the device and see if that helps?  Didn’t really want to as I have a little over 1000 songs on the device.

(bump) Anyone know what I might be doing wrong here?

Unfortunately, I don’t know; in which case, you may want to try:  a soft reset (on switch in uppermost position for 15-20 secs.); reapplying the latest firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum); or reformatting (I’d try this last–it erases the content on your Clip).  Maybe one method might help out.