Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD Sansa Fuze+ USB Playback

Hi i have used sandisk players for years and love them. I just recently purchased a new stero for my Tahoe 

Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD.  I also purchased a new Sansa Fuze+ so that I could hold more music. (upgraded from clip)

I use Rhapsody music subscription.

When plugging into the pioneer stero through USB i can see my files on the player. I can see the Artists, Albums, and individual songs.wma (a supported file type of the Pioneer radio).

However when I select the songs, I am not able to play them. the player doesn’t seem to recognize them.

Any help in what I should do. I have tried both USB formats when hooking up to the stereo.  …

Thanks in advance!!

As CRhapsody requires MTP mode, and your car’s stereo is looking for a mass-storage device (MSC) I doubt you can play your Rhapsody-rented music on it.

I can scroll and see the music on screen… it shows the artists/albums/songs all in .wma format.

the stero plays .wma format…

I can play through AUX… but wanted to be able to utilize the onscreen menu features…

Thanks to anyone in advance that can help me figure this out!!!

@mycozmo wrote:

I can scroll and see the music on screen**(of Fuze+ or Pioneer?)**… it shows the artists/albums/songs all in .wma format.


the stero plays .wma format…


I can play through AUX**(first you mentioned through USB)**… but wanted to be able to utilize the onscreen menu features…


Thanks to anyone in advance that can help me figure this out!!!


please clear out the things which I marked in Bold.

Does your stereo support Rhapsody?  Does it provide a way to activate the DRM on the stereo (as well as the Fuze)?

If not, then theres no way you’re going to be able to play DRMed files on it aside from AUX.

This is a limitation of the DRM system, actually. The car stereo cannot be recognized as a licensed device.  With the Fuze+, files transferred in MTP mode will be visible from the car stereo, as it can pass your media files in both connection modes, whether the car stereo is looking at the Sansa as a media device (MTP) or a mass storage device (MSC).

Though it is possible to import the files from Rhapsody (same situation with Napster), the head unit cannot decode them.  The licensed device (the Fuze+) can decode the media and feed it to the AUX-IN connection of your Pioneer.

Some car stereos appear to be designed with this situation in mind, I have seen Panasonic and Delphi units that offer both direct decoding / import and an auxiliary input port in the same media device.  I had a chance to inspect a Volkswagen system over the weekend, with several options: direct iPod control, file import via USB, and analog audio input, all in one outboard “translator” mounted in the center console.  For this device, I was troubleshooting a data bus problem on the vehicle electronics side.  Car audio is getting much more advanced, I assure you.

I look forward to a time when the stereo unit can properly recognize and decode the protected media, as it is an extension of your portable Sansa.  The problem is that these head units can also import the media on to their hard drives, a limiting factor in media rights, as you are effectively transferring a copy of the media to another separate device, and this is a machine that doesn’t have internet access like authorizing a second PC.  Purchased tracks, of course, are different, as they’re completely yours to transfer to your car stereo,with no DRM limitations.

For use in the car, I have a handy long cable for the Fuze+, using it as a standalone audio source.  With a passenger in front or back, navigating about on the machine is really cool, easier than reaching for the dash-mounted head unit.  My wife and children are tasked with navigation duties; I keep my eyes on the road looking for something to eat, hehe.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

…And this is why I hate using anything that DRM protects there files. Personally, I don’t see why DRM is so commonly used. It obviously doesn’t stop people from pirating music. On the contrary, it just makes the music far more difficult to play than it needs to be.

@mycozmo how is that Pioneer head unit treating you? Would you recommend it?

Sorry for being off topic. Maybe you can help me. I’m on a quest for a new stereo. I’ve been reading reviews about Pioneer stereos but they are useless hype. It’s beyond me why people are doing it.

This head unit landed on my short list AVH-4500NEX. From all the blogs that I’ve read one stood out. The blogger was hyper critical about Pioneer and put me on the fence. Well this Pioneer stereo review was OK until I’ve reached the shortcomings section.

How hard is to install these units anyways? How long does it take to connect your phone to the HU? Is it that bad?