PC wont read scandisk sd card but will read other brands

I have a Kodak dk7440 easyshare camera.  I recently purchased two   2gb scandisk SD cards.

The camera records pictures and videos on the cards and these can be reviewed and played back using the cameras own review feature.  When I insert them into a card reader to play/store on my windows PC it does not read the card.

I have taken photos and videos at the same time using another brand of SD card and the computer reads those perfectly.

Yet when I insert the scandisk card(s), after a few seconds delay it says insert the card ,when it is already inserted.

PC is windows XP-sp3 and card reader is integral 8 in 1 USB 2.0 hi-speed.

I have Kodak easyshare software installed and also the card reader software installed.

Any ideas