Overdrive Audio Book Skipping

I’ve been using my 2 GB Clip for audiobooks for about six weeks. Over the last couple of days the device has skipped ahead to the next section on several occassions. The files play fine on the computer without skipping.

So far I have reformatted, upgraded the firmware, re-loaded the book to the Clip a couple of times using Overdrive.  Any suggestions welcomed.  This is a new problem… I’ve played several very long books (40+ hrs.) The skipping has occurred on shorter books of only about for or five sections. 

An update…

I reformatted the Clip, installed the latest firmware and installed the latest version of Overdrive Console.  During the manipulation, the Clip acted like I had bricked it, but after messing around with it, a couple or re-sets etc. it started working fine. I downloaded a new book and so far no skips.