orgin geometry information of 128 SD card by factory

Hey togther i search of origin format of this micro sd card


the background info : there is a girlfriend . bought this card at amazon and make some nice pictures.

after quick format in her new fone all data are lost.

for sure there is a possibility to restore with some tools but also for the best tool (testdisk/photorec)

i need information of the orgin geometry information (Cylinders, Heads, Sectors and Sector size)NTFS FAT32 ExFAT

i hope one of you can help

these cards are exFAT format and there are no CHS. They use LBA.

there is no need to do anything other than run a recovery software on the card if the pics were just deleted. there are plenty of free recovery software out there if you search. just dont write to the card before you recover the data. 

thank you  for this fast answer.

to restore some files from this sd card i tryed already. with some differnt tools.

result was 0 files.

She Swears the make only a quickformat(the phone). and she write after quick format no files on the card. she take out the card of the phone immediately and Separately.

the phone create a Fat32 Format on the sd card and i thought the tools searching for pictures in this format.

so you think if  i found nothing there is no chance ?

but i hope somebody can give me the info which format had the sd card at the delivery. for be sure






allowcation Size


just use the default allocation size windows recommends. if the card was not formatted prior to the format in the phone the files were stored in the exFAT file system. you may want to use exFAT when running recovery. 

that said, if the tools you used found 0 files the format that was done likely was not a quick format. Recovery is not likely at this point.