Organizing Audible Files

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This may be obvious, but it took me a while to figure it out and I didn’t have any luck via forum searching.  Some of my audible files were difficult to browse due to having multiple books under the same series.  I wanted a way to easily go to the series and select a book from there.  The clip+ I’m working on is for my parents so it needed to be easy to use, otherwise I probably would have used file browsing.

I prefer not to use Windows Media Player, but this was the solution I came up with.  Couldn’t figure out a way to edit the album titles through other software.

Load the audio books into WMP and from there you can rename the album to the appropriate title of the book series.  Give all the books in the series the same album name.  Sync the audible books to the clip+.  Each book series now has it’s own folder when viewing on the clip+.  Very clean.

I assume there are other methods to do this (i.e. converting to MP3 and editing the tags), but this turned out to be pretty easy now that I’ve figured it out.

The folks at Audible have done a great job of blending their Audible Manager with Windows Media Player.  A while back, one had to make the choice of using the Manager separately, or using a specific WiMP version.  The two clients would often “fight for pole position” with your books.  The latest Audible Manager works very well.

I have several Audible folders in my current WiMP library, allowing easy reference to archived books.  I can play them using WiMP or the Audible Manager (though the Manager client is FAR superior in this regard, with bookmarks to boot).

Renaming the files using WiMP works very well; I’m glad you discovered it!

Incidentally, the new firmware build of the Clip+ firmware, version 1.02.09, now diaplays the current chapter correctly when Chapter Mode is enabled.  Hope you like it!

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WiMP = Windows Icons Mouses and Pointing.  Always used WMP to refer to the media player.  

WiMP goes with GUI.  As in, “My Windows computer is Wimpy Gooey and Scuzzi.”  (WIMP, GUI, SCSI)

I know, I’m showing my age, especially with the SCSI reference. 


WiMP (small i) is a play on words, as we work quite a bit with our little media munching friend.  The MTP system is an integral part of Windows Media Player, allowing protected media.

It’s fun thinking back on the early days, the HERE IS key on the TTY, mounds of rubber banded cards, and yellow rolls of teletype tape… the sound “tik-zzzt” as the terminal goes offline… restarting the Keronix via a bank of paddle switches.

When I first saw the Tektronix 4010, I was mesmerized…

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