Operating systems?

I’m very frightened that only Windows XP and Vista ist supported. Does this only mean included Software or also upload mp3 and other files? I want to use Windows 98 (USB2 driver installed), Windows 2000 or Suse Linux 9.1

Requirements for DMA protected songs are Windows XP or Vista running Windows Media Player 10 or higher.

The Sansa Express is a MTP only device thus is only supported on an OS that supports MTP. Win XP SP1 or higher and WMP10 or higher installed and Windows Vista

Thanks Narse and drlucky for your fast response. Sorry that I’m addled again: Narse: DRM10 needs XP/Vista => OK for me I want MP3! :slight_smile: drlucky: Sansa Express = MTP (wiki: Message Transfer Protokoll) ONLY device => No data transfer under OS exept XP/Vista!? :frowning: Why they do not use Standard mass storage device drivers!!! It’s a pity.

MTP=Media Transfer Protocol, its is a Microsoft protocol devolped by Microsoft to aid in DRM music. DRM= Digital Rights Management.  MTP is Microsoft only and requires Vista or XP. Since the Express is only a MTP device you must have XP or Vista to transfer music to the device, MP3 or WMA it doesn’t matter because the player requires MTP support from the operating system.

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if you’re using a operating system that does not support MTP mode like macintosh, the player will switch automatically to MSC mode as long as your operating system support MSC so the express is not a MTP only device but autodetect only. but sometimes you will encounter wierd problems like a deleted song still appears on the player after deleting but it wont play.

Hi marqck,
You raise hope again. This thread is a warm cold for me! But if there is no disaccord, then it can be used as “usual” USB storage device with in the MSC-Mode (MSC=mass storage device class). This is just what I’d need. This would be a great feature.
I wonder why this is not highlighted by sandisk for this product?
So a short resume: Win98SE+USB-Driver, Win2000, Suse Linux 9.1, macintosh all support MSC. That means the Sandisk Expess is supported as usual MP3 device by this OS with small restrictions. Only the setup routine is a little bit special… *hooray*
Are the “wierd problems” are tragic? What is to do when there still appears the deleted file?

there’s a format option in the settings, I believe it will fix the problem.

blame microsoft.  they are the one who made MTP:lol:

off topic: the sansa connect is the real MTP only device, there’s no way i can get it to work on a mac.

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You are correct.  The Connect is truely MTP and will only charge when plugged into a Mac but nothing else.

I have used my Express under Sun Solaris 10. It used MSC as default and I would be surprised if it wouldn’t work the same under SUSE too. The hardware has support for MSC, but it’s not turned on in firmware, or something similar that stops Windows from using it. (At least mine doesn’t have any format options for choosing MSC instead of MTP.)

I’ve heard the device defaults to MTP under Windows.
However the device is also capable of MSC.

I’m using it as a MSC device under Ubuntu Linux.  When I plug in the device it is automatically mounted.  When you want to add files to the device you copy files into the Music folder.
Make sure the device has finished transfurring and unmounted before you disconnect it though or files can become corrupted.

Hi all together,

thanks a lot for your help. Meanwhile I’ve bought the sansa express because of your positive feedback. Now I can confirm that it is possible to download mp3’s to the device without any trouble under Win2000. It was easier than expected: Plug -> New drive -> copy and paste :slight_smile:
At the moment I’d only downloaded a few songs - so I have no big experience.
I’m very satisfied with it - good feature!

My sansa express, with firmware 01.01.01a, works in both MTP and USB storage mode.
It is not an MTP-only device.
On Windows, I had to override the default by updating the driver in the Device Manager.

“My sansa express, with firmware 01.01.01a, works in both MTP and USB storage mode.
It is not an MTP-only device.
On Windows, I had to override the default by updating the driver in the Device Manager.”

True, true…
I made the same and there was no problem to have SE in MSC mode under WinXP.

Mine works fine as USB Mass Storage. I mount it via “pmount /dev/sda1”. Just need SCSI, USB Storage, and UHCI_HCD support in the kernel. Running some variant of 2.6.26-rc6 currently. To unmount, I do it like so: “sync; pumount /dev/sda1”. However, *updating* the firmware is another story. Any Linux users been able to do so? I’ve tried several ways with WINE, no go :(.

Just a note to say that I got mine working on Win98SE under MSC mode by loading the universal usb driver pack available on the net.  I also got the “manual” updater on this board to work successfully, but not the official Sandisk updater.

I use mine on win 2000 and XP. I don’t change anything. Just goto My Computer and you can drag and drop files on both OS’s…Jack