only some files in a folder will transfer, then Clip Zip stops responding


I am using a brand new Clip Zip bought on Amazon in the UK and trying to transfer music from a Windows 7 PC.

My problem is that only a small number of files have been transferred and it’s very intermittend. For example I had 3 folders each with about 10 tracks from an audio book. The first folder transferred without any problems. The second folder transferred only 2 tracks from the ten, then gave a message “You cannot copy (Tracknumber.mp3). You do not have permission to create this item”. It then just gives the option to skip the item or cancel the copying, and then gives the same message for each of the following tracks in the folder. These are just regular MP3 rips from an audio CD so no DRM issues.

When I tried to delete the partial folder so as to have another try I also got this message :-

“(Folder name) could not be deleted. The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected”

So it seems as though (in non-tech language!) it’s like the device has fallen asleep :slight_smile: and lost connection with the main PC.

Is this a common problem and if so what is the fix?



I don’t know the answer to this.  But I wonder if it would help to go under the Windows device manager and to uninstall (or whatever it is called) the Clip drive/driver and then to re-connect the Clip to the computer, which will force the computer to create a new connection.  Maybe something just didn’t jive completely with the first install?  But, a total guess on my part.

Before going that far (although it’s easy to do), you also could just disconnect the Clip; turn the computer off; restart the computer; and re-connect the Clip–perhaps this could fix things.  Windows–I just love it.  

It could be that the Clip Zip has suffered some disk corruption. I would try going into the Settings menu, selecting USB Mode, and forcing the device into MSC mode. From there, connect the device to your computer, and perform a check disk. If it doesn’t find any issues, you could try formatting the device (preferably from the Settings menu, as Sansa devices tend to be quite picky about formatting), and reloading the files.

Also, MTP mode (a USB connection standard created by Microsoft) has been known to be problematic. Since I’ve only ever heard of the error message you’ve been getting in MTP mode, I’m going to assume that’s the mode you’re using. Switching to MSC (that is, thumb drive mode) as described above might help.

Ah, yes, a re-format of the Clip always can help in unknown situations (just make sure to transfer your content to your computer/elsewhere first–a re-format will wipe the content out).