Older Sandisk Secure Access v2 Files won't Open

I have just tried to open some older files on my flash drive Secure Access v2 Vault and am getting the message : The file xyz.jpg is invalid and cannot be opened. It is either corrupt, been tampered with or belongs to another license. None of these are true as I’ve been using this drive successfully for some years. All files prior to about 2012 will open perfectly, but all files dated since then fail to open with that error message.

Does anyone know if these files can be recovered as it sounds like a software issue rather than an actual corruption issue as the drive has not been touched since it last extracted successfully? It cannot be a coincidence that only more recent files will not open.

Any suggestions gladly received.

Many thanks

Hi @philjay,

We request you to follow the below link to redownload the secure access application to encrypt the data.


Please refer below link for more inquiry: Contact Us

Hi Keerti_01,

Thanks for your suggestion. You are asking me to encrypt the files using the v3 SecureAccess application, but my problem is I cannot access/extract/decrypt my current files in the v2 vault. I downloaded the v3 application but it will not extract the v2 vault files and I get the message …

A vault from a previous version was discovered
Please check the SanDisk SecureAccess website for upgrade instructions

I checked the upgrade instructions and they require me to extract the files first from the v2 vault - but that’s the problem - some of the older v2 files cannot be extracted at all from the v2 vault. My issue is how to get them decrypted out of the v2 vault?

Or am misunderstanding your suggestion?

Many thanks,

Hi @philjay,

Please refer the below link to contact proper support team : Ask a Question