Old 128mb Sandisk CompactFlash

I have an old 128mb compactflash card and I’m not sure what to buy so that I can transfer the photos onto my laptop.  Can anyone advise me please?


What do you want to buy? a Card Reader ? or an Adapter?

Thanks for your reply.  I’m not sure what to buy.  I need something so that I can transfer everything onto my laptop.  I’ve searched the net but can’t find what I need.

You can do what you want with a memory card and card reader or a flash drive, which is essentially a memory card and reader combined in one unit.

If you have a camera that has photos on it you want to transfer to your computer, chances are it already has a memory card inside. No camera of recent manufacture that I know of has a built-in memory. So all you have to do is remove the card from the camera, insert it into a card reader (that has a USB plug on it) and plug it into your computer. Copy the files as desired from the card to your hard drive.

Piece of cake!

Got it…thank you:)