*Note: Actual formatted capacity less.

I was just curious. How much space is there on the 2 GB Clip after formatting?

I have a 1 GB Clip and if we assume the device actually has 1 GB then it should have 1024 MB total when I follow the prompts to it after connecting it to my computer. Instead it says 965 MB. That’s a difference of 59 MB. Is it the same for the 2 GB?

I plan on returning mine and getting a 4 GB btw, cuz I can! :slight_smile:

I have a 2GB, and the actual formatted capacity is 1.89GB

Interesting!  1.89 GB * 1024 MB/GB = about 1935 MB.

This is normal.

Yeah, the Clips’ operating system/system files/firmware takes up some space- it’s the same with all MP3 players though.

Hard drive manufactors had been sued cause they wrote 1Gig is actually equal to 1000Mbs. So not only does it take up space for the Fat Table, its also cause they have it at 1000MBs= to 1GB.

this is a really old topic.

Just to clarify, because memory/storage manufacturers and operating systems define a gigabyte differently, the device appears to have less storage when formatted.

2GB Unformatted = 2,000,000,000 bytes

1024bytes = 1 KB (formatted)
1024KB = 1MB (formatted)
1024MB = 1GB (formatted)

2,000,000,000 bytes / 1024 = 1,953,125 KB
1,953,125KB / 1024 = 1,907MB
1907MB / 1024 = 1.86GB

now all packaging is marked “*Note: Actual formatted capacity less.”

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I just found that emptying all folders manually, my windows system states that half of my fuze’s storage capacity ist still occupied:

memory used: 3.63 GB

free memory: 3.98 GB

Wondering if formatting will help. I just doubt that many users even bother about such options.

Yes as to a reformat, under the Clip’s settings.