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I´m the propietor of a Sansa Clip, MP3 Player and when I try to cut and copy a song from my PC to the MP3 it appears a message that says “The song can´t be copied the device doesn´t respond because it´s not connected”. I brought the Sansa to my seller and He checked the device and recorded four songs correctly so he gave me it back and said that it was o.k. I would like to knhow what I should do. Thanks.

Sounds like a bad USB cable.  Try a different one.  I have noticed that some USB cables that work fine with other devices will not work with the Sansa Clip.

I would call (or go see) the seller and find out what he (or she) did that you are not doing that allowed the songs to transfer with no problems. :wink:

He might have been putting them on via the ‘sync’ method with Windows Media Player in MTP mode. Or he might have dragged & dropped them in MSC mode. Obviously you are missing something, or it would be working for you too. Find out exactly what they are doing, then duplicate it. :smiley: