Not recognized usb

My Sansa 250 player is not recognized by any computer when I conect it to the computer using the Usb cable I recived with it. This is a new player never used before.

Any ideas?

Make sure your USB setting is correct on the player.  While unplugged from the computer, click the “menu” button.  Scroll down to “settings,” the hit the white center button.  Scroll down to USB, and make sure “MSC” is selected.  Hit the menu button to escape.  Now plug the USB cable back in and your computer should recognize the device.

I have the same problem - I tried that and it still doesn’t work.   :cry:

try it on a different computer, if its detected… theres somehting up with the one computer in particular.

  • Check to see what it says on the screen of the device when it is connected to the pc.

This is happening to mine, and I have tried it on 3 different computers.  The screen at the moment shows USB Connected MSC, but it is not being recognised on Explorer.

After a bit of research and 3 hours of fustration the fix to the common problem of the sansa clip usb device not being detected is because you must have windows media player version 10 installed on your computer. (go figure! almost seems to easy!) Once you have it installed however, seconds later your usb device is mysteriously recognized and you are on your way…