not enough free space - FAT corrupted

I have a sansa clip + and am using the Mac OSX. My clip is about 2 months old and was working fine until recently. It started by showing me an error message that read: “The item (that i am trying to load) cannot be copied because there is not enough free space” This was when I was trying to drag a file from my computer to a folder on the clip. This was in spite of the fact that there was free space.

Sandisk gives help with a similar problem using windows but I am on a Mac. and those instructions do not work with the Mac. So after some searching I went into my disk utility app and found the sandisk clip and a window for first aid and disk repair. I did that thinking it would be the same as doing the repair that would occur on a PC.

Following that repair I went back to the connected clip and was then able to drag files from my Mac to the folder on the clip and not get the error message. I thought that fixed the problem but when I went to turn the clip on all the folders were empty so I turn the clip off and then back on but when it came back on it would not stay on except for a couple of seconds and displayed a message that the FAT is corrupted, please connect device to PC.

I then connected the clip back to my Mac and now the clip will not even show up as being connected to my computer.

Can someone please help?