Nokia lumia 730 compatibility with SanDisk Extreme

Hi to all

On compatibility tool i see that this type of card is not listed under Lumia 730 (only ultra range).

Is that because lumia 730 sd card reader can not read faster than that,

or SanDisk Extreme is not compatible with this device and other nokia devices


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Well… Friend, this information you can see it better, in the manual of your Nokia lumia 730 in the official website,

in the specifications section, card which is recommended.

Then, you can check in a very simple way.


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In most cases if you see in the compatibility tool that you can use a slower card that you would actually like to buy, then its because the host device does not reach this high speed so it does not matter if you have a fast card if you cannot reach these speeds.

You can also contact the manufacturer of the host device to get clarity which features of the carsd you can use, U1 or U3, Class 10 and other specs.