No technical support for Linux users.

:mansad:I just go in touch with Sansa technical support for North America. After a good 15 mn I was told that NO support whatsoever was provided to Linux users because there support team has no knowledge of the Linux OS. When insisting that the Sansa Fuze is sold and advertized as being compatible with Linux, he repeated his previous answer, like a record, and added that Linux wasn’t written on the box for a supported OS. Do you all have the same experience, that no support is provided. Sansa is getting us to buy one of there system but let us down after that! I’m using the latest version of Debian, and my player is acting very erraticly, even in MSC mode. If anyone is getting is Fuze ton work well in MTP or MSC mode on his Linux box, please assist. :smiley:  

You could try using a windows computer first before calling them to see if it’s really the player that has the issue.  I believe SanDisk is under the impression that Linux users are highly technical people and because linux have so many flavors, it would be a waste of investment to train their people too much with too little number of customers asking assistance with linux… “it’s not personal, it’s business”

At least you might get some help in this forum:smiley:. There are some experienced linux users around and you should n’t hesitate to ask your questions. As far as I’m concerned I do run Debian Linux for a decade now and I’m a very happy Fuze user for 2 months now. It works like a charme in MSC mode - apart from videos, which I never need on this player. I even tried MTP mode with rhythmbox but this needed some tweaks on my Debian Lenny installation. Although I’ll probably never use it. Note that there is not much differences between Linux distributions and you already may find some useful threads dealing with the Fuze on Ubuntu in this forum.

Now it’s your turn! Could you please be a bit more specific to describe your problems?