no longer able to write to my Sandisk Cruzer 128 gb

I’ve heard that some flash drives have a failure mode in which they are irreversibly write-locked by the internal controller when it detects a write error. Is it true with my Sandisk Cruzer 128 gb? The drive doesn’t have a write-lock switch!? I can’t erase it in Disk Utility, either! I’m going to try to reformat it through windows XP, through VMware Fusion, as if testing it with another computer, if that’s even possible!?  Any ideas or solutions by any at Sandisk that designed this $70.00 worth of worthless junk?!

Any ideas or solutions

Yes, return the drive to SanDisk for a replacement.  Copy all your files off it before sending it.

I’ve seen cases the flash drives go into write protect even with no toggle switch. Most of the time, it’s a hardware issue. 

Hi Ed,

I would like to replace my “write protected” USB , but how can SanDisk guarantee me that the information which is on it will not be missused. What about the cases when you have sensitive information? Is there any way to delete the informatio befor sending it back to SanDisk?



If you contact SanDisk’s RMA and explain your concern for the privacy of your classified files they have been known to allow an owner to smash the flash drive with a hammer before returning it.