No Internet Connection? iOS 10 issue?

Hi! Just uploaded 3.04 onto my Mac, placed it into the Media Drive, then ejected it per instructions; opened the app on my iPad, clicked on “update”, and the firmware was loaded flawlessly; unfortunately, after the drive re-booted, it sends out a signal, but I keep getting a “No Internet Connection” when I try to connect my ipad to it. I’ve re-started it, I’ve re-booted my ipad (just installed ios 10 yesterday), but to no avail. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

did you configure the media drive to use your home network for an Internet connection? If  not you will need to do that to get Internet. If you have had it previously configured to connect to your home network try forgetting the network and reconfiguring the media drive to connect to your home network for Internet. 

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Doc, that’s exactly what it was; apparently, it does help to read the instructions, as I neglected to consider this: “The Media Drive restarts and reconnects to your mobile device. The Internet LED on the Drive now shines green. You’re now connected to both the Media Drive and the Internet. From now on, when you connect to this network, it will automatically find the Drive.”

Yep, it pays to look at the manual. Thanks!


how do you configure the media drive (are you referring to the stick) to use your home network for internet connection?