No difference between Mobile Ultra and Ultra

I rang Technical Support at SanDisk to ask what’s the difference between “Mobile Ultra” and “Ultra”

“Mobile Ultra” and “Ultra” are the same card, the name difference was just for marketing purposes, to show people the card could be used in mobiles. However the plan backfired and people thought they couldn’t use “Mobile Ultra” in their camera, so the name was dropped.

To decipher the codes such as SDSDQUA-032G-U46A:

SDSD=sd card

Q =class 4 (black) available in 2,4,8,16,32GB
QY =class 6 “Ultra” (red & grey) available in 4GB (8,16,32gb discontinued but still on sale)
QUA=class 10 “Ultra” 8,16,32=SDHC 64=SDXC* (UHS-I = UHS class 1 = 10mb/s #)
QUI=class 10 “Ultra” apparently “designed for cameras” and NOT the same card (black packaging)


-U46=EU packaging@
-A11=US packaging@
-FFP=Amazon frustration free packaging@

A=picture of android on package

* Compatable devices only

If used in a non UHS-I compliant phone, it will revert to class 10

@ If it doesn’t have a code at the end, it’s not covered by SanDisk warrenty