Newly Bought Sandisk SSD Plus fake?

I bought 2 Sandisk SSD Plus on an online shop (Lazada). I am not sure if I bought a legit or fake ones. Some of my findings:

  1. The package has a typographical error “Replace” is spelled Replacw.

  2. I checked both of the serial numbers on the back of the 2 SSD which are different from the Serial numbers inside the Hard Disk Sentinel app.

This is the serial number inside the Hard disk sentinel app 500**218 3F
Then the serial number on the back is 231

  1. I also have tested the Crystal Disk Mark and the result was good that made me more confused if it is a legit Sandisk SSD:

SEQ1M Q8t1 (Sequential 1MB, Queue Depth 8, Thread 1)
Read: 489.70 MB/s
Write: 335.24 MB/s

SEQ1M Q1T1 (Sequential 1MB, Queue Depth 1, Thread 1)
Read: 407.31 MB/s
Write: 342.30 MB/s

RND4K Q32T1 (Random 4KB, Queue Depth 32, Thread 1)
Read: 79.93 MB/s
Write: 240.07 MB/s

RND4K Q1T1 (Random 4KB, Queue Depth 1, Thread 1)
Read: 20.91 MB/s
Write: 102.63 MB/s

  1. When transferring files to it (E.g Copying GTA 5 from HDD to the SSD)

I got 100% active time and an average response time of 1000 to 2000ms. My HDD is just on 5% active time and a 2.5MS response time.

  1. It made my computer Slow Down like it makes the file manager freeze.

Hi @Stighluck ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

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Replying for the updates.

did you return it? If not, how was it?