New User - HELP - Podcast tagged as song - NPR downloads

I got this for Christmas.  I love NPR podcasts, and have figured out how to put them on my Sansa, but maybe not in the best way.  How are others putting podcasts on their Sansa?  How are others putting their podcasts on so that they don’t play under “play all” music files.  Also, my NPR files are tagged in different ways, so there is not one simple solution that I have figured out.  There was a reference on the boards to use MediaMonkey - there are 2 versions - one that costs and a free version.  Which one is needed if that is the only option?  Thanks!! 

Please see my responses to your other 2 posts, for the first 2 questions (and best not to double-post …; it clutters things up and makes it harder to find answers).

For the 3rd, you also can simply use Windows to change ID3 tag information, file-by-file:  right click on the file, Properties, MP3, and edit your tags.  The value of tag programs (and there are many) is that they can change all your files at 1 time.