How to eliminate Podcast folder?

I have owned several Sansa C series mp3 players. I could put all my mp3 in one folder and do “play all” Now the clip seems to automatically place my podcasts in a seperate folder from my other mp3s. Is there a way around this?

Don’t put them in the Podcasts or Audiobooks folder and don’t label them in the genre ID3 field as podcast or audiobook–the Clip with more recent firmware segregates files with either of those conditions, to make podcast and audiobook use easier.

Unfortunately I am downloading them from sites like NPR, BBC etc, so can not control the tags. I searched the forum and found this program which seems to work:

Is there a more direct solution to get my player to work like the old C240? 

With the current firmware, you would need to re-do the genre ID3 tags to something other than podcast and audiobook–easy enough to do using MP3Tag or other tag editing firmware.

Or you could go back a few generations of firmware, to before the change in the firmware.