New user - few questions

Hi to All!

Since yesterday I’m new (and happy :-)) user of Sansa Express. Player is almost exactly same as my expectation. But … there is few doubts (user manual is not very helpful in those matters)

  1. What is difference between “Auto power off” and “Sleep” settings? For me “auto power off” is almost the same as “sleep”. What is the point?
  2. Is this possible to define on Sansa Express custom play lists (other than “Go List”) in similar manner as with Sansa e200 or c200?
  3. Sorry for silly question, but what is “podcast”? (I’m not native English speaker and all my dictionaries miss this word).
  4. Yesterday, when I turned player off and then back on, it resumes on the same song. Today, when I have turned it on (after whole day, and few hours on cold air), it turned on in similar manner as after battery discharge (loosing all settings and starting from language choice – battery wasn’t discharged!). Is this normal?

Immediately after purchase, I have upgraded firmware to 1.01.05F and ordered 8GB micro card (expected after Christmas), so I hope it will be supported (I will report this on forum).

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Auto Power Off - when your device is in pause mode or not doing anything, it will turn off itself

Sleep - regardless of what you are doing, it will turn off the device after the set time

Playlist - cannot customize playlist in the device while playing.  Can only add to golist or use WMP to customize your playlist (same as e200 device)

Podcast (in my understanding) just files distributed over the internet that you can sync to your device to listen to or playback (mostly for iPOD users).  I’m not really familiar with it so hope someone else can clear this up if I’m not correct

As for the auto-reset, it’s not normal.  I don’t know what is the cause for that.  Maybe someone else has the same problem and fixes can help you out.

As for 1.01.05, it’s claimed to support 8G so hopefully you can have fun with it :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response.

My shop and UPS carrier done his job excellent and I received today ordered 8GB card (really don’t expected this).

So, first of all, I can acknowledge - yes, 8GB microSD card _is_ supported!

But there are also bad news. Player frequently hangs while coping new files – in fact I was able to copy files only in small chunks (aprox. 500MB). It seems, that too much files is a problem for a player (not to much capacity of files, but rather to much number of files). If coping files directly to card, using card reader (included with card), thing are going to even worse. Although using a reader I can achieve few times faster copping and all is OK while using only card, then after placing car in a reader bad things happens (of course I’ have removed card and reader from USB slot using “save device removal” tool). Player start reading card and after a while, hang, reboot or even freeze – giving no response for any user action, until card is removed from a slot for a while. After this files are removed from card and when placed again in a card reader, Windows says it is not formated. Surprisingly such problems do not occur if I copy (via card reader) only few albums.

So, player “sees” card (display its capacity as 7771MB) but apparently I seems I will be not able to use more than about 4GB. I’m afraid, that those are flaws of new firmware (1.01.05F) and SandDisk should quickly solve this with a newer one.


Have you tried formatting the Express and the card? You can do the card in a reader and the Express through the Settings menu.  Tends to fix issues like this.

just updated the player to a newer firmware version 01.01.05P

I think it shouls fix that problem…

Try the Sansa Updater now…


My updater says. that there is no new firmware available. I think, that last letter in firmware version mean geographics region, and your version may be simply designed for other region than my (P versus F - I’m from Poland), and really it is not a new firmware (there my be other languages available f.e).

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Typically, the only difference between geographical versions is the language selections available (English is always there regardless) and the FM radio options (some regions don’t get an FM tuner in the hardware for some players, so you might gain an FM radio menu that doesn’t work.) BTW, F and P both seem to have a radio that works, so if you want to try the other, feel free.  Also, P seems to be for Pacific, not Poland.


Ok, I can try, but updater software chose geographic region automatially and don’t allow me to load firmware with P letter.

Best regards:


On 5 Jan 2008, I ran the ‘updater’ and it installed Firmware Version 01.01.05F
Ran the ‘updater’ again but it said something like nothing new is available.


May be version 01.01.05P is for another region!  I am in the UK; is Sundar in India?


Love to fit an 8GB card  :smiley:

But may be best to wait for announcement. Apparently they are working on it!

See post “MicroSD cards noe” by by MrSmileyFace, the Mod


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It’s the same firmware, different region.  Soudns like the next update should (I hope) resolve the issues with 8GB cards.