New Sansa Clip+ - No Menu?

When I took this out of the box, it was almost fully charged. Let it charge for a bit anyway. It plays the songs that came with it, but I thought I’d see which song was playing? I cannot get to the menu - I press the button for it, but nothing happens. All I see is headphones and the word Music. I can’t do anything or see anything else. Is this a lemon or am I missing something? I did not use the CD that came with it, I assumed it was just to use Rhapsody, which I won’t be using.



Remove the protective sticker :wink:

Well, a big DUH!!!  LOL! Thank-you!!!

I actually wondered about that but until I read your reply and looked real close under bright light, I didn’t see the little tab.

Don’t feel bad - I sent my first one back to Amazon as faulty!

Thanks to this thread, I didn’t send the second one back!

LOL! It helped me too. :slight_smile:

It should have been in the manual, actually…

Ironically, removing the display sticker is not in the User guide leaflet. The first time I saw the new protective decals, I was impressed at the print, thinking “Hey! Nice decal, looks just like the unit is turned on!”

Oh well, though it’s attractive when sitting in the blister pack, I can see how it could be confusing.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

OH OH  HA HA   THANK YOU!   I had no idea.  

omigosh, thank you so much, lol!  Glad I googled!

It just happened to me.  It looked like a sticker, including the tab, but it was so firmly adhered, I wasn’t sure it was a sticker.  Why not write “peel off” on the **bleep** thing.  Irritating.