New MP3 player...Postmarking for clip +??????

I am looking for a new MP3 player that has a radio and is small in size.  I like audio books and am getting confused on the Clip+.  One place I see it will keep my place and then the next says it will not.  I am gunshy for Sandisk… had an old one I was NOT happy with and went through three in a year…  I like the look of the Clip and I have memory cards form Sandisk to know they are good and the one player I had must be a bad line of product.  I am also looking at Creative Lab and there is no questions there… just bigger. 

Can I get help with this?  Will I loose my place, again, or won’t I if I do buy the Clip+?

Thank You

Not wanting to get burned again~:smileyvery-happy:

The Clip+ will start up, again, where it left off when last shut off.

Additionally, for files placed in the Audiobooks or Podcasts folders and accessed through ID3 tag view (but not folder view), the Clip+ will remember where it left off in the various files accessed previously and will give the option of starting where left off.

Will it ‘bookmark’ n audio book if it is in another format… like a music format?  Were I get my free books, they come in and are in the music section on the players.  So, the music go to the beginning of the file or the start of the song when it got shut down.  The books would have to e forwarded or reversed to get to where I turned it off.  I am leaning towards the Clip+… just want to make sure I know what I am getting this time. 

Thank you for your help!!!

The bookmarking feature of the Clip players is a player feature and, as far as I am aware, not dependent on file format.  At the least, it works with MP3 files. 

The Clip also will play Audible audiobooks, and other audiobooks with DRM restrictions such as those from many libraries.

My hunch is, the Clip+ fits your needs.  A review of it for further information:

Thanks…  I used the same link to look at the Creative Lab…  The size is what keeps me coming back… and price.  I guess I will take my chances and get one…  IF I get burned again… well… Sandisk will never get another penny from me and I will put all over the web the truth… again.

I really don’t think that will be a problem…

Thank you for your help!!

As I said and from what you write, I think it’s going to meet your needs.  But if you’re concerned, you always could purchase from a local store and easily return if it doesn’t.

If you don’t care about the microSD slot, there’s a great deal on the original Clip right now:  a 4GB black (original) Clip, at for $20 + $5 shipping today.  Note that it’s a refurbed Clip (and again, it’s the original Clip, not the new Clip+).  But for $20 (the price of a large pizza) …

Not quite a week and so far so good.  It does all that I wanted… as I was told.  I did buy through a local store and the extended warrenty for good measure.  Two books down and the third started…  So far I am a happy camper :smiley:

Great to hear–enjoy!