New functionality: Automatic power-off when disconnecting USB charging for cars

I was thinking it would be a good idea to add a functionality to automatically turn off the Sansa Fuze when disconnected from charger.

I’ve seen that when you connect it [in a car] using an USB charger, it starts the Sansa Fuze automatically and begins to play.
But I think a functionality to be able to power it off automatically when power is removed would be nice.

It could be similar to the Sleep timer that we already have in latest firmware, where we would actually have the possibility to choose a delay before it is actually powered off automatically when there is no power to charge the Fuze.

This would allow you (for example) to leave your car and stop the engine for 5-10 minutes (or whatever you configure) and then come back in the car and the player is still running (so it’s faster to continue playing songs). But if you leave the car for more than 5-10 minutes, then the Sansa Fuze will automatically power off itself.

You get the idea?

To me this functionality would be very useful for normal day to day usage since my car 12V accessory socket automatically power when I remove the key.