New column or replacement

I would like to see a column that shows when a new thread has been posted.  When I do a search, sometimes I only want to read the ones that were posted after a new firmware has come out.  It helps me to narrow down my search results. 

If there’s no space on the board, how about replacing the rating column, which isn’t used, with the date of the original post?

that is what the new column does, clicking the number in the new column will take you directly to the first new post.

Message Edited by drlucky on 03-19-2009 09:33 AM

Actually, what I mean is that I would like to see the date of the original post to be shown in the list of search results.  A few times I was looking for an answer to my question and I clicked on a post that seemed to answer it, only to read later on down the thread that it’ll be fixed in the next firmware. 

This usually happened before the firmware version 01.01.22 came out.  That’s okay, but with a new firmware coming out soon (and I’m looking forward to it’s release), it seems that it’ll help me to narrow down which posts, that are listed in the search results,  I’d want to read if I can see whether the original post was dated before or after a particular firmware version was released.