New Clip Owner!

Hello all.

I am the proud owner of a brand new 4GB Clip, just received today from ANTOnline.  After a few problems with Google Checkout and UPS, I finally received at 4 PM CST today, and am really enjoying it.  I was able to copy all of my music over with no problem (in MTP mode), and I was very glad that I downloaded MP3Tag and re-tagged all of my mp3s before hand.

I also installed the latest firmware, and charged this silvery dream up.  I’m very pleased with the Clip and although I did create playlists (using the “Select All,” right click, and then “Create Playlist”), some of the tracks in the said playlists didn’t show up on the Clip.  So, I dumped them, and am now just using the “Albums” feature to play my music.

I bought some Sony Psyc headphones on clearance at my local Big Lots! (yes, I’m that cheap…) and they sound great with the Clip.  I also got a brand new Case Logic digital camera case to store the Clip and my 'phones.  It’s black with grey trim and red interior, sort of resembling KITT from “Knight Rider.”  I also have got a pretty good generic FM transmitter at Target, as my car’s tape player is sort of temperamental.

I came to the Clip after two years of RCA Lyras (or Lyrae?), which worked fine, but had very short battery life spans.  Hopefully, the Clip’s juice will last longer than 13 and 11 months.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  I look forward to hearing from everyone and really leaning on you guys when I have problems.


Happy listening. :smiley:

Hello again,

I just got my new Silicon Case from for my Clip.  I had some ScreenPatronus screen protectors I got on eBay for my RCA Lyra, and just cut one up to to size for the Clip’s screen.  I then slipped on the black silicon case, and I have to say it looks sharp as a tack (or something similiar).

Here are a few pics:

And here are a couple of pics of my set-up’s carrying case:



Very nice set-up–you’re set to go.



Thank you, sir!