Need to switch to Recovery Mode

I just updated my e250. When the player restarted I got an error: Load main image failed. Switch to Recovery mode.

I don’t know how to do that. When I push buttons, nothing happens. Can someone please help?!


Did some more searching and found another forum that explained how to fix my problem.

I then updated the firmware again, and everything is working perfectly!:smileyvery-happy:


Same thing happened to me this weekend…  Please share where you learned the solution to Swith to Recovery Mode.



Can you please let me know how to switch to recovery mode? I am having the exact same problem. Thanks!

Recovery mode is different for each model player. See the forum for your model under Devices.

recovery mode ; search the forum…the stuff is around if you know how to look for it.

I downloaded the firmware and received the message above.  Now I do not have access to my player because it cannot go past this page.  Nothing has worked.  HELP!!

are you sure you loaded the right firmware for the righ model player? if anything yuo can reload older firmware. What model player do you have? .165 is the latest for rhapsody, .23 is the latest for v1 e200s and i forget what it is for v2’s.

I have the e280 (I think).  It is the Sansa View with 16GB.


the view is just the view, anything with e2XX is an e200 player, your confusing model numbers.

e200 is a series. 50,60,70, or 80 just refers to capicity.

Sansa View is a seperate serie.