My SanDisk clip+ will not recharge.

I have tried all day to charge my SanDisk clip+ and it quits.  I use it for listening to books when walking or just around the house.  I have several books on it and am really upset with the “no charge” issue.  Help!

How are you charging it, with an AC charger or your computer?

If computer, does it show as being connected when plugged in?

Have you tried a different cord? Even if it does show as being connected when plugged into your computer, there are separate wires/pins for charging, so the cord could still be at fault.

If using the computer to charge, you might try using an AC outlet and charger instead.  Or a different USB port.

With some early original Clips, years ago, a lead to the battery could become undone inside the player.  Hopefully, that is not your situation (although, it can be fixed).