My 16gb Micro SDHC card won't work with Rhapsody

Yeah, so i got the 16gb Micro SDHC card for christmas and i tried to load some music from rhapsody onto it and it says that it is ‘not compatible with this device’. Which doesn’t make any sense because when i loaded it, i licensed it and it said it was succesfully licensed. I have a 4gb Sansa Fuze and so far it has worked fine with Rhapsody.

I have heard about issues when people tried to use protected music on a memory card. The best idea is to move your unprotected music to the memory card, and use the internal memory of the Fuze for your protected music. Also keep in mind that the Fuze has a roughly 4,000 song limit that the player can recognize. So this might also be a factor. The limit is expected to be raised to around 8,000 songs with the next firmware update.