music uploads but I can't locate it on clip

I can upload the music folder and see it on the Clip when looking at it on the computer but I can’t see the folder on the clip or play it when I unhook the clip from the computer.

firmware up to date, all files are mp3’s 

what is the problem?

thanks for any help

In the Clip menu, look for files listed as “unknown” and play a few to see if they’re your “missing” tracks. If you find your songs there, it’s a tagging problem. Sansa players don’t organize your tracks by folder/filename (unless you have a Fuze with the latest firmware that enables folder navigation), they organize by ID3 tags. To correct the tags so the Clip will show your tracks where you expect them to be, use a program like MP3Tag.

If you rip your own tracks from CDs, the ripping software should fill in the tags automatically if you have an active internet connection running.

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Did you look for the files under Albums, Artists, or Titles?  The Clip (at least currently) generally organizes and shows files via the ID3 tags, not folder and file names.  (Exceptions for files in the Audiocasts and Podcasts folders, or which have Audiocast or Podcast in the genre tag field.) 

I have the exact same problem, and the answers didn’t help.  Did anyone else have this problem and solve it?