music streaming on iOS


   The connect works great with my android phone, however I have an issue with my iPad and iPod touch.  On my phone when streaming music, when one song ends  it continues on to the next song automatically, but on my iPod and iPad I have to manually tell it to play the next song.  Am I missing a setting?

Currently this is a bug. IIRC it should be relsolved in the next release. 

Any idea when that is going to happen?

I got the drive so I could move my music off the phone, so it’s pretty useless to me without the ability to play music from the drive. It would also be nice if the player had a “Shuffle.”

I’d like to know the answer to this, too. There was just an update that didn’t solve this issue. Your ads don’t mention this at all.

Go to Apple store And Get Airstash+. Problem result.