Play music direct from Sandisk

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I am wondering if there has been an update yet as it is now the end of 2017. Just purchased this Sandisk iXpand for my husband. He has an iPhone SE - we were hoping to playback music with this but it only can play one song at a time without prompting to move to the next song, even if you have a playlist and have it on shuffle. Also, it doesn’t appear to finish the song.

Has this not been updated since 2016 and is still an issue?? Is there no other way to playback music through the iXpand so that the music continually plays?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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which ixpand do you have? If you have the first version that is linked below there are no updates for how it handles music.

If you have the version 2 that is linked below it has a new app and has a more robust music player built into the app.

We have the second one you posted that supposedly has the ‘new robust’ music player but we cannot get it to go from one song to the next. We even created a playlist and it will not progress from one song to the next without your having to actually forward to the next song manually. 

What are we doing wrong then?? I appreciate the help. We were all kind of sad when we saw the limitations we are running into.


i do not have any silimar issue when listening to music. can you explain exactly how you are getting to the music files and playing them? 

We copied the music folders onto the sandisk, then we do the following:

* put sandisk in iPhone 

* go to play music in iXpand

* press play on song

* song plays and then stops and nothing further happens

We created a playlist on iXpand to fix then

*hit shuffle

*song plays, finishes and nothing further happens

*don’t hit shuffle, just click play on song in playlist

*song plays, finishes and nothing further happens

Couple of things - I read that you need to have music in the same folder but even if I have 4 songs in one folder - it will not progress forward to the next song.

So - you seriously are able to play a song and then your iXpand goes ahead and plays the next song without you having to do anything? Maybe we put the music on the sandisk the wrong way? Are you playing the music right from iXpand or are you playing it via itunes, sound cloud or something else? Because that is the other thing, we want to not have to be connected to the internet to play.

Again, I appreciate your replies because I would love to think I did buy the right thing and it can do what we want. LOL

when you view the music files are you just selecting view files from the menu? If so that is the files view. Once there select the music icon st the top of the list to go into music view. from here you can brows by song, artist, etc. go to the song list for example and play a song and it will continue to the next one after it is finished. 

Hi - no we are going into the music icon and selecting the song list from there but it isn’t advancing as you say.

I hope we didn’t get a bad sandisk! OR maybe there is something wrong with the iPhone? It is an iPhone SE. We were able to download the correct app.

This is frustrating because it sounds like you can get yours to do what ours isn’t. :frowning:

Thank you for continuing to check in with us.

I am having the exact same issue with my iPhone SE, updated to the latest iOS and using the latest ixpand app from the App Store.
I figured I’d download and try the app’s music player before buying the USB drive, because I’m interested in filling the drive with music.
I tested the app with music from my iPhone library. I am clicking on the musical note icon, then going to an album and hitting the large play button at the top. It starts playing the album, and works for maybe one or two songs, but soon it is consistently stopping before the end of each song, and not advancing to the next song. Once it starts doing this, the problem gets worse and worse.
I’m glad I hadn’t actually bought the hardware yet! I’d been considering ordering the 256GB version, and would’ve been pretty unhappy being unable to use it for music. But if the support here can help identify the problem, I’m still interested.


I have the same experience.  On iPhone I play a track within a folder the track ends and the next track does not play so one tap is required for every track.  HOWEVER taking the same iXpand clip and playing the same file/track on my iPad the next track follows on without a tap as I would expect.  I attach captures of the about page for each device which shows the same APP version on each device.

Can anyone suggest a reason/solution?



We FINALLY figured out how to do this and I am unsure if it was meant to be designed this way or someone just didn’t program this right.

We created a playlist as was mentioned before, clicked on shuffle but ALSO clicked on repeat all!  I am so sorry if I don’t have the exact wording on it as the people in our family with the iPhones and iXpand are away right now for the next two months.

Basically you select from the Options - Shuffle (unless you don’t want to shuffle) and Repeat All (might say Repeat Folder).

Honestly, that one part of the instructions SHOULD have been given by Sandisk and I am absolutely shocked that it is not. We just kept looking around until we found it.  Once we chose that option, after your first song finishes, it goes right to playing another song. 

Best of luck - I will edit this post as soon as I can get in touch with them to see if we can get a screen shot of the option. Made a world of difference once we figured this out. I think they would really sell more of these if people knew they could use it this way.


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