Ixpand music player cuts last bit off songs

hi all,  attached to my mini ipad, my unit seems to cut off the last bit of most mp3 songs .Also at the beginning upto 20 seconds seems to be repeated. I have the latest update installed. I converted my library from m4a to mp3 thinking it was a codec problem. With the same results… Deleted and reloaded the entire library of songs… Still the problem exists.

Is there a way to update this or …

…use another player without moving the song to the host drive, because frankly the player on the sandisk is not very good. :slight_smile: i realise the limitations of the closed apple software but did not feel i should have to jailbreak my unit just to get better access rights to the ixpand…so my other player can directly access the drive… (I am not even sure that would work)

Please help.

I do not have any similar issues with my music or podcasts. Can you post a sample file so we can test?

can i email the song to you?

ah wait i can dropbox it :slight_smile:


I downloaded the file you linked (Love Johnny Cash BTW) and loaded it on my iXpand. i played the file on both an iPhone 5s and an iPad mini and the file is playing normally for me. I did not see any issues playing this file on either iPhone or iPad mini. 

Hi drlucky, my mini ipad is 1st gen, maybe that has something to do with it. Or is it perhaps the update for the sandisk device recently did not update correctly. It is like a buffer is incorrectly applied. .? Regardless it is no good to me in its current state as the whole reason i bought it was to play music and video directly from the device. Is there any other player software i can run directly from the device?

thankyou for your time.

@dred wrote:

 Is there any other player software i can run directly from the device?

Not that I know of