mp3 music: songs when a track is over does not automatically switch to the next

when I listen to my music, switching to the next track of an album mp3 does not happen automatically but I have to press (song after song) the progress the arrow … how can you solve?



sorry for my english, but I rely on a translator because I do not know

I think I saw this posted before and it is a bug that should be resolved in a future release. No word of when that would be released though. 

I figured it was a bug … Thanks for the reply.

Regards Paul

instead this is the answer you gave me support sandisk … if that was the reason (which will never solve) I made the wrong purchase …
I leave the text in Italian and then translated by google place …

Egregio Sig. Paolo XXXXX
Grazie per avere contattato il Supporto Tecnico SanDisk.Siamo qui per garantire che lei abbia a disposizione tutte le risorse per sfruttare al meglio il suo prodotto.

 Mi rendo conto della serieta’ del caso , tuttavia volevo informarla che sia con gli Iphone 4S le tracce non vengono prodotte in automatico,sono restrizioni del Apple, anche per quanto riguardano le cuffie, non possiamo fare commenti su di cio’.

Tuttavia se desidera non appena vengo a conoscenza di qualsiasi informazione a riguardo le faro’ sapere via email.

Dear Mr. Paul XXXXX

Thank you for contacting Technical Support SanDisk.Siamo here to ensure that you have all the resources available to make the most of its product.
 I realize the seriousness? the case, however, I wanted to inform you that with the Iphone 4S tracks are not produced by default are restrictions of Apple, as also concerning the headphones, can not comment on what?.
However, if you do not want to just come to know of any information about the lighthouse? know via email.



Unfortunately their support agent gave you wrong info. Music from iTunes is DRM free now so there is no DRM issues. It has been posted here before and not advancing to the next song is a bug. 

Airstash+ is The Solutions for now. Get at Apple store, is free. Sadly The software is not good for Sandisk. The hardware is Very nice, but software is Very poor. Sorry for This again but is true.

Thank you for your response, Armejia. Thank you also for course drlucky his reassurance that it’s just a bug.

Regards Paul

for Armejia (and for all)…

Excellent app, works perfectly and the video are not compatible interfaces with VLC.

Thank you, you have solved my problems.

Hey, hate to revive an old thread, but is there any update on this bug?  I have the latest version (1.5.1 88) on an iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.6, and it isn’t progressing to the next song after the previous one finished.  I should note that these are .m4a files (Apple Lossless) and not mp3 files.

no news for now … We must wait for a new firmware.