Multiple replays of each song without REPEAT being pressed

My m250, V4.1.08A .mp3 player keeps wanting to play the same song over and over (often, as many as four times) without me having pressed the REPEAT AB button or otherwise doing anything overt that I know of.  I can usually get by it by pressing the FORWARD button (>>|), but sometimes that even results in the then current song replaying at least one more time.  This occurred infrequently the first time I loaded the player but seems to be becoming more and more constant to the point where nearly every song does this.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  I’ve only loaded the device twice, so the problem may mysteriously go away, but I would rather know either how to fix it with my current load of songs or know what to do to avoid it when I load my next group of songs.

The ‘manual’ I received with the device is very high-level and of no help whatsoever with this problem, and for that matter doesn’t even explain the function of the REPEAT AB button.  Also, the manual pointed to by the link in the ‘BEFORE YOU CREATE A FORUM ENTRY’ (or whatever the title is) is no longer there.  Also, of the stated 107 FAQ entries that I expected to find, I was only able to access the first sixteen of them, because the scrolling buttons are inactive (shows a circle with a slash throug it when I point my cursor at it).

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if this is a SUE (Stupid User Error).  My skin is thick like my head.  Any advice on how to fix or avoid the problem will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


My experience with a song repeating constantly has been a low battery, especially if it gets low and I then let the m200 sit a few days before using again.  The battery does a partial rejuvenation while sitting idle that gives the battery level circuits in the m200 a false sense of security.  Strange things start happening, like repeating the same song, locking up and powering down when the menu button is lightly tapped.  Sometimes the lockup requires battery removal to reset, sometimes it requires a format of the m200 before you can continue, sometimes it wipes out some or all of the songs.  Sometimes it just loses it’s place in my playlist.

I had a pack of old “copper tops” that will expire in 2009.  It happens on every one if them when they show about 1/4 life left.  New fresh batteries will go all the way down to the point of the blue light not coming on without a failure.  This must be why SanDisk says to not use rechargable batteries in the m200, because after a few charges they don’t hold a full charge and probably give a lower voltage when in need of a recharge.

When you first see the above symptoms, I found that it is best to go ahead and change the battery.  It’s better than having to re-format and starting over.


keeps repeating the same song


@paulcyrile wrote:

keeps repeating the same song


If you genuinely want help (or even a response) please provide more information. We’re not mind-readers here.

And btw, posting your e-mial address on a public forum is not such a good idea. Nobody here is going to respond to it, but the spammers sure might!