MP3 players keep going downhill

I’ve owned almost all of the mp3 players (going back to flash stick holders) and generally I love them.  The best was the Fuze I. Fuze II had good picture and sounds, but you couldn’t control the “touch pad” especially in the dark. Each version of the Clips lost some features of the previous one and prices kept going up.  My Clip Sport works normally for data on the internal but data on the external micro disc is “orphaned.”  It doesn’t show up as books, music, or podcasts.  It only shows up under folders and only by file names – not tags. Internal books remember where you left of in a chapter but not what chapter you were in!  In spite of the bigger screen, the Song Progress bar is so thin I can barely see it.  You can’t rewind or fast forward a few seconds as I could on earlier versions – it seems to jump back 10-15 seconds; or else previous/next chapters.

I love my little mp3 players – especially for tiny videos and audio books.  I my Fuze 1 and the early Clips

Here is one idea that should be easy to try.

 Navigate to the “Settings” menu

  Then select “System Settings”

   Then select “Customize”

    Then make sure “Card” is set to “On”.

(I usually have all items set to “On” except “Sport”.