Audiobook problems

Hello. I just bought a Sansa Clip Sport to replace a faulty Sansa Fuze.The main use will be to play audiobooks.I picked this over the Zip because of the larger screen. The Fuze was easy to use for audiobooks but I’m having
problems adapting to the new player.
My source for audiobooks is the library in the form of cd’s. I rip them using WMP or Roxio depending on how the internet names the files. Sometimes the files are not named by disc and are all ripped into one combined file. One ripping method or the other usually works and my Fuze handles them well and the files are in order on the Fuze. I rip into either mp3 or wma. I’ll change around for no particular reason except maybe space.
I started by ripping Gone Girl which has 15 discs. Each chapter has a very long name.I read the 16 character rule but my experience is that you cannot rename ripped files at least in the usual manner.
I first moved my files(wma) into the audible section. The player then read this section as empty. I don’t quite follow this. I moved the files into the audiobook section and read them on the player. It seemed like all the files were not in any sequence(#1-157) and certainly not by disc #. I then removed these files.
I next moved a Patterson book(mp3) into the audiobook section. There were 6 discs and the file names were all short. On the player there were 2 main files-one had one disc-the other file had combined all the tracks and read Track1,Track1,Track1 etc all the way down.
On my computer and on the Fuze the files are in order and correctly named etc.
Is there any hope for me and this player? I can make adjustments if you can help me.  I know it may not be as easy as the Fuze to which I have successfully moved and read hundreds of cd audiobooks.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

The file sorting issues on the Clip Sport is a pain but, fortunately there are workarounds (albeit tedious ones). One of the best is using a software such as Mp3tag to change the ID3 tags on your files:

Some additional information from previous forum posts:

Thank you for your kind reply. I’m very sad that Sandisk has put out a product that requires these workarounds. My Sansa Fuze and Fuze plus are wonderful and easy to use. And it’s clear they are revered by the public as used players are going for up to hundreds of dollars on e-bay. I will be returning my Clip Sport.

I should ask whether the Clip Zip will handle these files better.

Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome. If you ask me the Clip+ and Clip Zip are superior players for use with audiobooks or large music collections but on the other hand it is quite easy to change the ID3 tags in bulk and thus make the Clip Sport work well with non-drm audiobooks if you need it to. Don’t feel obliged to return the Sport if you don’t want to.

The Sport is a more limited Clip player, apart from battery capacity and a somwhat larger screen.  If you wish a full-featured Clip, try either the Clip+ or Clip Zip.  Wish I could say otherwise.   :frowning:

Thanks for your advice. I can probably use some help with ID3’s. I reviewed a you tube vid and don’t quite follow. If I have a 6 disc audiobook do I convert a whole disc from the main folder or do I click on the main folder to open all the files on that disc and then continue?

Also if I copy files as is to a micro card will I get the same result as copying to the audiobooks folder?

The screen size on the other clips is sure small. A challenge for 60+ year old eyes.(lol)

Concerning ID3’s and MP3tag:

MP3tag’s GUI is perhaps not the simplest GUI ever build, so I can understand your confusion. However if you cross that initial threshold you’ll find that it is actually an incredibly versatile tool (in particular the functions to mass convert tags to filenames, filenames to tags, tags to tags, etc are what makes MP3tag so great). Check out the online documentation to find the answer to all your questions:

Enjoy and have a happy new year!