Missing Playlist

I have followed all the steps from


made some playlists.  All of the music is on the clip under artists and albums, however some do not show up under playlists. 

Take a look at the 2  messages in the Playlist topic I started in this SanDisk user forum.


I am using the batch file method for 3 months with successful results on my Clip Sports.

Ok so I made that folder and followed those step, still no playlist tried adding the mp3’s to the folder both before and after making and double clicking the .bat file.  Tried making a subfolder in the new “Genre1” folder still no luck.  

A few quick ideas to try.

Make sure your Playlist files end in .m3u and all have a unique name within the first 12 characters (?)

Make sure your Playlist files reside in the main Playlist folder or reside somewhere within the main Music folder.

Only Music or Card mode can access Playlists.

AND, make sure your music files have at least one unique character (number, letter) within the first 7 characters of the filename.

Thank you very much was trying to put them in the main music folder like I did all the rest.  putting them in the playlist folder worked.  Still have no idea why they couldn’t be in the same folder as the others.