Songs missing from playlist

Can someone from Sandisk please explain why files show in a playlist in my Clip+ but when I insert the card into my Sport files are not in the playlist? The files are still on the c ard and play fine from other menu items such as artist or albums.

When with this and other issues be fixed?

Where is the playllist file stored? On the card in the Music folder where the song files are?

Currently I have the SD Card set up to have a playlists and music in seperate folders off the root directory. I have the internal memory set up to have a folder for all the music and playlists with no sub-directories. In both cases some of the playlists do not list all the songs that should be there.

If I remove the SD Card and put it in the Clip+ everything is displaying without problems.

I have had the playlists and music in the same directory on the SD Card and the same problem presents itself. On the Clip+ I have the same file structure and there are no problems at all.

The M3U playlist displays like this

…\Music\Depeche Mode\Delta Machine\204 All That’s Mine.mp3

And equally if the music and playlists are in the same folder it reads:

\204 All That’s Mine.mp3

I have experimented with path lengths too by not having sub-directories such as :

…\Music\204 All That’s Mine.mp3

I am at a loss and I have tried just about everything I can think of even having everything in the root folder.

By way of an update.

I have a playlist which is called DM Albums. The music I add to it lives in a directory called /music/DM Music/ Depeche Mode, no sub-directories. The playlist lives in /music.

If I add an album called Delta Machine all the tracks (01-13) appear. If I then add another album, say Ultra, the 1st track from Delta Machine disappears and the rest of the tracks and the tracks from Ultra are in the playlist. Track 01 is still on the player and can be played but not from the playlist.

If I go and delete Ultra track 01 from Delta Machine reappears in the playlist.

This is my problem in a nutshell!

Can’t believe this is still an issue after all this time. My playlist currently has 581 songs and 71 songs are missing from the playlist. That’s close to 15%. And it was a tedious process to go through each song to check which were missing. And the missing songs don’t all have UTF-8 characters, some appear to missing because of normal ASCII characters: singles quotes, ampersands, parenthesis, etc.