missing lock/unlock switch


Most of my memory cards (CF, SD, SDHC, micro SD) are Sandisk. I choose this brand because of reliable and trusted brand.

Recently when I “cleaned up” my camera bag (change to new bag) than I found my SDHC ultra2, 8gb inside the front pockage of my beg with other memory cards.

When I inserted it to my camera. It prompted me : Card locked.
I was just realised, this small lock/unlock switch missing which means I couldn’t unlock my card.

I tried to use tape (got this tip from web) to cover the slot but seems it didn’t work.

Could you pls advice me how to repair? (I won’t mind to break my 512mb Sandisk SD card in order to get the switch so can be used to repair my Ultra2).

or …

Can I get replacement from Sandisk Singapore since it is life warranty?

Oppsss… correction it is Sandisk Ultra2 SDHC 4GB (not 8gb)

no need for that the card has a lifetime warranty so contact sandisk support and inquire about warranty replacement. 

A warranty is great and having the disk replaced that easily is wonderful but what if… I want to see what pictures

of my grandchildren I’m missing?

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