Would switching SD card casing work?

I have a  16GB VideoHD SD card that the lock broke off and can’t be recorded to by my camcorder.  I’d guess the card is out of warrranty period, purchased on 02/ 27/09, and if it weren’t I had probably voided it by opening the casing.  I’d like to buy a cheap SD card and switch the insides.  I’d like you to confirm to me if there’s only that one piece with the metal and how would I replace the lock.

Could I use a Mini SD Card Adapter?

that is way too much trouble. you can just put a piece of tape over the lock switch area alot like old floppy drives and it will let you write to the card again. 

I did try that, but it’s too thick for my camcorder

what kind of tape are you using? scotch tape should work. the card has a 5 year warranty so if you have not opened the case yet contact sandisk support. 

Is there an easy way this is too much.